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CLARIA® starches are helping formulators lead the way to the future of food. Discover a broad and growing range of highly-functional clean-label starches that deliver on developing consumer trends.

Consumer needs for transparency are evolving – and so is our range

Tate & Lyle is helping formulators exceed consumer expectations for clean labels and transparency. This trend is evolving, with its core elements such as shorter ingredients lists, the use of recognizable ingredients and the expanding penetration of organic foods and beverages being complemented by new consumer desires like the perception of naturality and more sustainable agricultural practices and production processes.

Replacing traditional ingredients to satisfy clean-label demands often comes with sacrifices to functionality. Our growing range of CLARIA® starches perform similarly to modified starches in formulation, but label simply as “starch,” “corn starch” (corn-based CLARIA®) or “tapioca starch” (tapioca-based CLARIA®).1

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Transparency motivates consumers


of EU consumers say simple ingredients are essential/nice to have when making purchase decisions.2


of Spanish and Italian consumers avoid products with artificial-sounding ingredients.3


difference in European consumer willingness to purchase products containing “corn starch” versus “modified food starch.”4

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CLARIA® delivers clean taste with clean labels

Great consumer perception and label appeal. Labels as “starch,” “corn starch” or “tapioca starch.”1,5

Optimal texture in creamy yoghurts and spoonable sauces

Neutral taste and colour profile

Plant-based and non-GMO

A functional, more sustainable
clean-label starch
CLARIA® G: the clear colour and clean labelling of CLARIA®, now made with a new, more sustainable process that reduces its environmental impact with the same excellent performance.
CLARIA® G is made using 34% less water,5 delivering on Tate & Lyle’s commitment to conserving our planet’s vital resources.
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Our innovative production process reduces CLARIA® G’s carbon footprint by 35% compared to the existing CLARIA® range.
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CLARIA® G is currently available for CLARIA® Essential, Plus and Elite, and we soon plan to extend CLARIA® G’s sustainable production practices to the full CLARIA® range of products.
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Discover our range of

CLARIA® starch solutions
Asian dipping sauce
CLARIA®G Essential, Plus and Elite
Designed for every process tolerance requirement with clean taste and neutral colour. Labels simply as “starch” or “corn starch.”1
Pastry with cream fillling
CLARIA® Instant
A non-GMO starch that builds viscosity in formulations without cooking. Labels simply as “starch” or “corn starch.”1
Yogurt with strawberry swirl
Designed for superior refrigerated and freeze-thaw stability in moderate, high and ultra-high process tolerance conditions. Labels simply as “starch” or “corn starch.”1
Yogurt in wooden bowl
Made from tapioca with clearer colour and flavour, creamy texture and high performance. Labels simply as “starch” or “tapioca starch.”1
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Partner with the experts in mouthfeel

We help our customers implement tailored, future-ready solutions by:

Providing access to a broad range of starches and other ingredients for mouthfeel.

Supporting you through our team of mouthfeel scientists and formulation experts.

Connecting consumer and sensory science to deliver better mouthfeel solutions and innovation more quickly.

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At Tate & Lyle, everything we do starts with these three things:


From the lab to the kitchen, brilliance and creativity is in our DNA. Our strong scientific experience in all things mouthfeel – from research and development to applications and sensory science – allows us to take meaningful innovation to market and provide expert support for any challenge.


We work relentlessly to partner with our customers and solve their challenges. With a broad portfolio of texturizing ingredients, market-leading formulation expertise and new agile mouthfeel tools, we deliver category-specific mouthfeel solutions that answer the needs of our customers and consumers.


We’re using the science of food to better care for the planet, support healthy living and build thriving communities. Our focus is on meeting society’s needs – now and in the future – by providing healthier, more sustainable food with great taste, excellent mouthfeel, and cleaner labels.

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